3 Pro Tips for A Criminal Lawyer Hire

Imagine how it feels; a cop staring at you with hostility and suddenly you heard him saying, “You’re being arrested for a crime”? It’s totally weird when you knew you didn’t commit an offence, yet you need to face the music. Situation can go bad to worse if you made a mistake of hiring inexperienced criminal lawyer who just knows the basic, not more than that.

As this world is unfair, seeing your innocent friend arrested would not be a surprise for you. It can be a mistake on the part of the police officer, or the person accusing you, but one way or the other, the only way out is to prove your innocence. And sometimes, things can be more complicated than what they look.  Complications are always dealt well by professionals. If you hire the right criminal lawyer from Passi& Patel Mississaugayou may have a chance because the firm has decades of experience and most experienced lawyers in town. The problem is, you don’t get them anywhere else in the world. So, what would you do?

Here are three tips from the professionals making your job a lot simpler:

Pro Tips for Hiring the Right Criminal Lawyer

  1. Hiring the Best is What Most Important

You realize that a conviction will have ruinous effects on your life so it’s important to seek the best attorney you can afford, whether you need a Mississauga criminal defence lawyer or one who can represent you in anywhere in Canada. Even though you are “under the gun” to hire someone, this decision must be made with care. After all, if your life was threatened in a medical emergency, such as needing brain surgery, you probably wouldn’t want the cheapest doctor to perform it. Moreover, you shouldn’t choose an attorney based on who charges the least. At the same time, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire the most expensive person.

  1. Choosing the Lawyer
  • Should you hire an estate planning lawyer, or the attorney who handled your high school friend’s divorce?
  • What about going to the yellow pages and picking the lawyer on the first page of the attorney listings, or the law firm with a two page ad?

Just because someone went to law school and passed the bar exam, that doesn’t mean he or she is effective and experienced in criminal defense. Many have never set foot in a courtroom.

  1. Remember – Experts Have Specific Fields

In the medical field there are doctors who specialize in certain parts of the body and so, too, many lawyers concentrate on just a few areas of the law. There are just too many types of law for someone to be an expert in every area.

Think of it this way. Do you really think that someone who spends most of their time writing and negotiating contracts for businesses would be as effective in the courtroom as a lawyer with decades of experience in criminal law?

What’s more, when you hire an expert, you have to expect that the cost is going to be higher than hiring someone else with only a moderate amount of knowledge or experience.

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