Work place can be either one’s second home or can feel that they are pushed into hell every day. However, a lot of workers or employees don’t realize that a work place need not be a hell and there can be redemption in the form of protecting one’s human rights. Toronto employment law firms handle such cases with great effect and if any worker is discriminated in the work place, the individual can lodge a case against the company or people responsible. The lawyers will assist the worker and represent the person in the tribunal, where the case will be motioned and a judgment is given.

Aspects that come under human rights violation in the workplace

Freedom is the primary right of the individual living in this world and any issue that tries to shred this right into pieces can be regarded as human rights violation. It does not matter if the individual is in work place or in a foreign trip. According to De Bousquet Human Rights lawyer, during the time at workplace there are many things that can be considered as violations and the following are some of the most typical issues: firing an individual, hiring an individual, drug testing, work place harassment, religious bias, discriminatory behavior, discrimination based on disabilities, sexual harassment, gender based harassment, etc.

An employment lawyer Toronto would be able to easily relate the above mentioned issues with the violated human rights. All or some of the aspects are directly criticizing the following aspects:

  • Race of an individual
  • The Ancestry or the place of birth of the worker
  • Family history
  • Color of the person
  • The citizenship status
  • Ethnicity
  • Creed, sex and age
  • Marital and family status of the person
  • Orientation of sex
  • Physical disability or mental disability

In rare cases, the individual’s personal information [such as phone calls, emails, images, CCTV footage, passwords, etc.] is hacked from the individual accounts and this is the most serious offense. In Toronto, the Human rights code is implemented in a very strict manner and whoever is found to be violating them will face severe penalty. When it comes to the work place the rules are more intense as such violation can seriously affect the well-being of an individual in the microcosm of his or her company. Toronto employment law firms work closely with these human rights code and help the troubled.

Role of a lawyer

As every person should be treated equally, the employment lawyer Toronto will work close with the employee to ensure a free environment. Initially, the lawyer will hear out the view of the individual and understand the human rights breached by the people in the company. The lawyer will prepare drafts, legal documents, etc. and send them to the company. If the company responds properly, there can be chances of negotiating and reconciling. If the company shows negligence, then the matter can motioned to a tribunal and the worker can get the best possible result.

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