February 2017

Choosing Engagement Rings Toronto

There are a lot of couples all over the world who are determined to tie the knot. An engagement is a highly important moment for couples. There are so many diamonds and metals that are available right now. How can a man who probably does not have any knowledge about anything related to rings suddenly […]

3 Pro Tips for A Criminal Lawyer Hire

Imagine how it feels; a cop staring at you with hostility and suddenly you heard him saying, “You’re being arrested for a crime”? It’s totally weird when you knew you didn’t commit an offence, yet you need to face the music. Situation can go bad to worse if you made a mistake of hiring inexperienced […]

5 Steps to Expunge Youth Record

According to the juvenile laws of Canada, youth records are automatically sealed or destroyed after a certain period. Juvenile is a term referred to a person who is not old enough to be held responsible for criminal acts. In most states and on the federal level, this age threshold is set at 18 years. A […]

Couples therapy has become one most important part of urban life-style. The reason is simple – both the spouses are so busy in their own lives, they don’t have time to share those romantic moments and cherish their memories in privacy. Anyhow, couples therapy is not easy, it requires a lot of training and learning. […]

Employees or workers have a set of rights that facilitate to have benefits during the time of need. However, if the company restricts them or try to neglect them in any means the individual can approach an employment lawyer Toronto to ensure that his/her rights are justified in the work place. However, many employees with […]

In Toronto, assault charges have increased many folds when compared to the previous decade and these exclude simple assault charges. It is unfortunate that such violent acts are performed in the region and it seems like there is no stopping it. The legal system treats assault as a violent charge resulting in severe punishment to […]

Work place can be either one’s second home or can feel that they are pushed into hell every day. However, a lot of workers or employees don’t realize that a work place need not be a hell and there can be redemption in the form of protecting one’s human rights. Toronto employment law firms handle […]